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I am an award-winning digital media manager and a one-stop-shop for all things digital.

I can code, edit, write, design, photograph, record and produce almost anything that can be created with a computer. I am very experienced with all aspects of the digital marketing life cycle and have an extensive background in strategic analysis, message development, campaign planning and project management.

Throughout my career I have gained valuable experience in many aspects of digital marketing and am known for crafting best in class solutions that always exceed expectations. I pride myself on being a good manager and this skill translates into my work by being able to find creative solutions to difficult issues. I am experienced yet stay up to date on current trends that I infuse with my own unique style. My co-workers would describe me as a humble, fun, team leader with an everlasting eagerness to never stop learning.


I completed both Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees at DePaul University, Chicago.

At eight I learned BASIC on a TRS­80 and at fourteen I learned Pascal. As a teenager I studied programming and robotics and I am currently considering a Ph.D.

My academic training focuses on using strategic communications in digital networks to achieve quantifiable results. I am passionate about learning and constantly looking for ways to apply new ideas to real world applications

May 2011

Master of Arts in New Media Studies

As a graduate student I developed a fundamental understanding of how digital media shapes rhetorical and communicative behavior. I explored content strategies, visual rhetoric, web and interactive design and development, digital video and audio production in real-life settings. I learned how communication technologies and in particular digital platforms continually transform the way we live, work and play.

May 2002

Bachelor of Arts in Communications

As an undergraduate student I developed core skills that continue to benefit my professional career. I developed computer science, strategic management and digital communications into a valuable tool-kit that I use daily. I also studied quantitative analysis, principals of design, organizational communications and leadership strategy to name a few.

More About Me


I Am A One-Stop-Shop For All Things Digital.

From strategic analysis to project management and creative to conversion, I have the experience to transform the digital media puzzle into one clear picture that gets results.



I guide teams throughout the world in the execution of global marketing strategies that drive sales revenue.



I am passionate about building better teams, better deliverables and better brands.



I am always analyzing, measuring and improving operations in order to optimize performance.



I am a leader by example; I like to win and I believe you should always play like a champion.



I am an avid user of Adobe CC including PhotoShop, FireWorks, InDesign and PremierePro.



I am not a programmer but I love to write Javascript, HTML5, PHP and if I have to a little C++.



I create award winning content like articles, video's, graphics, picture galleries, sites, widgets and apps.



I am very proficient with Drupal, WordPress, Bootstrap and Joomla to name a few.



I strategically build earned value in online communities to generate returns on relationships that drive brand loyalty.



I use tools like Domo, SmartLing, SugarCRM and Act-On to measure, optomize and improve performance.



I know how to integrate resources for a target audience that use keyword tools to discover products, services and brands.



I know how to plan, budget and optimize display, affiliate, search engine and mobile marketing campaigns.


Nowadays, digital communication is absolutely essential to be competitive in any industry because everyone is online.

By tailoring complementary messages that reach an audience from multiple touch points, deliverables gain more impressions and greater frequency. The result is a communication strategy that defines a business, demonstrates a competitive advantage and drives new business to the door.


Site & App Development


Global Delivery Network


eCommerce Site Development

Catalyst Cleaning

Animated Video

Dust Management

Product Video

Vibration Wizard

Dynamic Product Tool

Engineered Components

Augmented Reality

Power Generation

Industrial Photography

Pueblo Nuevo

Graphic Design

You do not merely want to be considered the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones that do what you do.

- Jerry Garcia -


I combine all the pieces of the digital media puzzle into one clear picture that gets results!

I have over 15 years of real world experience, 10 years of marketing communications experience and 5 years of experience developing digital media strategies in niche-markets.

AEM, Web & Digital Marketing Consultant @ Zimmer Biomet

Manage client-side implementation, development and support for Adobe Experience Manager global websites including microsites, 6.1 upgrade, Creative Cloud integration and DAM implementation. Scope, audit and document marketing and IT requirements for new and existing website platforms and applications including SFDC, WebSphere, Alfresco, SharePoint and Cold Fusion. Align digital media assets to best practice solutions including content management systems, ecommerce solutions, social media channels, mobile applications, third party integrations, device browsers and emerging technology solutions.

From November 2015 to current


Provided leadership for teams in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific executing website marketing strategies designed to drive sales leads to local business units. Supported senior management with development of strategic plans to advance key initiatives. Directed development of global brand standards and collaborated with regional marketing teams to ensure projects reinforce company’s core brand positioning. Managed corporate marketing budgets, public relations, print and digital advertising, graphic design, outside services, international trade show/conference participation and all global digital-media assets. Consolidated multiple international websites into single instance of Drupal with integrated translation and localization capabilities. Managed development of website content and integration of technology solutions to enhance user experience.

From April 2013 to Sept 2015


Created and managed digital media programs for small and medium-sized businesses. Provided website development utilizing Bootstrap, Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. Designed print and digital media deliverables, including RFPs, marketing collateral, digital media content, and video productions.

From Jan 2010 to Dec 2013


Managed North American communications and pursuit strategy within a professional AEC environment. Developed marketing strategy for advanced construction and alternative energy technologies and projects. Created content for internal / external channels, including HR, web collateral, print ads, and strategic management initiatives.

From Jan 2004 to Dec 2009


Drove sales and marketing initiatives while managing 5-person sales team. Advised consumer and institutional clients within financial services environment. Produced 40+ marketing and communication deliverables, including sales collateral, micro-sites, landing pages, digital ads, and training aids.

From May 2002 to Dec 2004

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I am a visionary, innovator and pioneer.

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